Wander at Home With Ease

We’re excited to unveil the newly re-designed Wanderlust TV, re-imagined for ease of use. We aim to bring you closer to the classes tailored to your practice level, and to make it easier to go deeper, finding relevant content that will challenge and inspire you.

What’s new? Glad you asked.


Our re-imagined landing page, ‘Your Home’, will be viewed through the lens of your level. Select Beg, Int, Adv at the top of the home page and you’ll be able to navigate that landing page with that perspective. Upcoming live classes on this page and the curated tracks here will all be displayed according to your level.
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.23.12 PM.png


‘Your Home’ page will feature tracks that are refreshed often, and according to your level, allowing you to go deeper into the content that serves you best.

We’ve also allocated our content into:

  • SINGLE CLASSES – upcoming classes appear on our Live Classes page, and exist as a single class in replay for a week before being added to one of the following:
  • COLLECTION – this is where a recurring class lives. If you know your jam and want to stick to it, you’ll find them in a collection on your favorite teacher’s page, like our signature ‘Kula Flow’ classes from Alex Dawson.
  • COURSES – these are sessions that are designed to be taken in sequence, like Rosie Acosta’s ‘Journey through the Chakras’. If you’re craving something that challenges you to go somewhere you haven’t before, exploring our courses is the way to go.
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.24.55 PM.png


You’ll notice small features that ease your selection process. For example:

  • The length of the class now appears next to the title of every class, making it easier to click into the classes you have time for.
  • Our library now allows you to filter classes a variety of ways: level, guide, type, length, activity, and type.
  • Browse our Guides page for a vast array of inspiration from the leading lights in mindfulness practice.
  • The level indicator is colored: when viewing any page that isn’t already filtered for your level (like our Library page), your eye will naturally gravitate to that color once you know you what gear you like to hit.

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