Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool this summer

Help keep your pets cool this summer with these top ten tips.

It’s time to get outside and enjoy everything the season has to offer with your furry friends. Whether you’re hitting the trails or enjoying the backyard, it’s important to keep your best friend in mind. With temperatures hitting the triple digits and a heatwave across many regions, pet safety may be front of mind for many pet owners. Read on to learn more about how to keep your pets cool this summer.

How to keep your pets cool this

1.Stay hydrated

Water is a
great way to help keep your pet hydrated. Consider providing extra
water bowls
for your furry friends when spending time outdoors. For
example, add a pet-friendly feature like a water fountain to your outdoor space
or pack an extra water container for your pets when you’re on the trails.

2.Pack on a cooling vest

Your pets sweat differently than you. For example, you may notice your pet may pant to keep cool in the summer sun. If you plan on taking a walk or hike, consider a cooling vest to help keep your furry friend comfortable. Also, it may be beneficial to walk early in the morning or early evening as it may be cooler during that time of day.

3.Provide some shade

Whether you’re playing or lounging in the backyard, help keep your pets cool in a comfortable pet-friendly space. Consider creating a pet-friendly canopy or even a DIY dog house in your backyard. Also, sunscreen may help keep your dog protected from the sun’s UV rays.

4.Protect your pet’s paws

are if you’re outdoors, your best friend may be on their paws. Give your pet an
extra pep in their step by keeping them protected with
socks or booties
. Also, this can be helpful for a variety of activities
like hiking on the trails, walking on the beach, or an afternoon stroll.

5.Lounge on a cooling mat

Sometimes you just want to enjoy some fun in the sun with your pets. A pet-friendly item like a cooling mat may help provide some relief to your pets while they lay in the sun. Also, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and are easy to store.

6.Fun with sprinklers

If you’re
looking to stretch your legs, consider a run through the sprinklers with your
pets. Also, it may help keep everyone cool and provide some enrichment for your
furry friend. Be mindful of any sprinkler heads or hoses to avoid any trips to
the veterinarian.

7.Dip in the pool

Keep your
pets cool this summer season with some playtime in the water. Consider adding a
pet-friendly pool for the ultimate outdoor pet space. Also, they come in a wide
variety of sizes to accommodate pets of all sizes. Further, some pools are even
durable, foldable, and portable. For an additional resource, check out The Spruce Pets dog
pool guide

8.Provide cooling fans

Beat the heat by providing a cooling fan for your pets. A fan is a great way to keep your pets cool while they lounge in the sun. Consider adding a fan to your pet’s space or patio for a refreshing cool breeze year-round.

9.Take breaks

No pet owner wants to stress over heatstroke for their pets. Also, taking a break from the sun gives your pet the chance to recharge away from the sun. Consider taking breaks and provide shade, water, and some time indoors for your pets.

10.Enjoy a nap or playtime indoors

If it’s too hot outdoors, you may want to consider skipping playtime in the backyard. Also, a pet-friendly activity like a DIY indoor scavenger hunt or playing with your puppy indoors may be a great alternative to spending time outside.

Discover how to keep your pets cool this summer wish this top ten list by Trupanion.

Keep your pets cool year-round

At the end
of the day, you want to enjoy the summer with your pets. The summer is a great
time to get outdoors and bond with your furry friends. But by providing plenty
of rest, shade, and water your best friend can look forward to family adventures
no matter the season!

How do you keep your pets cool?
Tell us in the comments below.

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