The Ultimate Runner Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Here is your Ultimate Holiday Gifts for Runners List for 2020. This list includes never before seen ideas for the runner who has everything to tried and true favorites every runner loves.

To navigate the list we’ve broken it down into categories. I asked my Instagram followers what they wanted this year and the top items fell into one of these lists.

  1. Technology Gifts for Runners
  2. Gifts for The Run You Love (Jewelry for Runners)
  3. Food Favorites for Runners
  4. Gifts for the Runner Who Has Everything
  5. Running Gear Gift Ideas (clothes & shoes)

the ultimate runner gift guide 2020

Technology Gifts for Runners:

This year the hottest most wanted holiday gift is a handheld massage gun. But head’s up – they’re selling out at many retailers. I’ll link to some of the tech gifts on every runner’s list. And here’s a quick list in case you’re just trying to get ideas…

Technology Gift Ideas for Runners:

  1. Massage Gun
  2. GPS Watch (I alternate between this one and another, both are great)
  3. Sport Headphones
  4. Vibrating Foam Roller
  5. Treadmill

Theragun Elite Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

HyperVolt Handheld Massage Gun – this year’s Most Wanted Gift for Runners!

LifePro Pulse Deep Tissue Massage gun – Here’s another massage gun option. This one comes in a few color options.

Aftershockz Headphones – Great gift for runners because it’s a sweet present AND can help keep your fave runner safe while running or walking outside! Aftershockz headphones go over the ear – not block it – so you can hear what’s going on around you. Being alert and aware is key for runner safety.

GPS Running Watch – Is it time for an upgrade to your running watch? Check out the best new running watches:

Is it their first running watch? Consider the Garmin Forerunner 45S, 39mm Easy-to-use GPS Running Watch

Polar Vantage M – Easy to use, long battery life and the first running watch I got in another color (which I really loved about it).

GPS Watch for Smaller Wrists = Garmin fenix 6S Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Smaller-Sized

Multi-Sport Watch – Garmin Forerunner 745, GPS Running Watch : Best for the man or woman on your list that does triathlons or in addition to running also bikes and/or swims.

The highest end running watch on the market right now is probably the Garmin fenix. Note the Garmin fenix 6S Watch is made for people with smaller wrists so it’s not as bulky.

And a new item on this list this year is a Vibrating Foam Roller. Take your rolling game up a notch with one that vibrates to help you loosen up extra tight spots.

And if you want to go BIG go treadmill! I got a treadmill earlier this year because I thought I was going to be locked inside and knew I’d need to run to stay sane. I went with a ProForm home treadmill that folds up like this one.

Jewelry for Runners

Want to get a sweet running inspired gift for a friend or your partner who loves to run? Jewelry that’s inspiring and something they can wear while running is a great idea! Here are the top 3 places to buy running jewelry online:

Top 3 Places to Buy Running Jewelry online:

  1. Amazon Running Jewelry – the best variety of running jewelry for every runner or fitness lover!
  2. Etsy Running Jewelry – this online shop is known for it’s small business owners
  3. Erica Sara Jewelry – dainty running related bracelets and necklaces

And here are a few favorites…

Inspiration Bracelet with Charm – super cute, dainty bracelet with tons of great reviews.

Personalized Bangle Bracelet with 13.1 or 26.2 available on etsy.

Runner Necklace Charm with 26.2 or 13.1 – It’s noted as a marathon runner or half marathon runner necklace and available on Amazon for a quick delivery time.


Foodie Favorites for Runners Gift Ideas:

Does the runner in your life also love food? Check out these delicious food inspired gifts!

  1. Favorite food in a gift basket – chocolate, fancy pears, cookies, edible arrangements, etc.
  2. Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  3. Gift Certificate for you to cook them a favorite meal
  4. Kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier or more fun (see: Fun Taco Holders)
  5. Stain remover – because we eat with enthusiasm and often get it on our clothes (tell me it’s not just me!)


Gifts for the Runner Who Has Everything:

Recovery is an important part of running! And if the runner in your life already has all their favorite gear – what are you supposed to get them? These post-run gift ideas will help them relax and recover after a run. They’re great ideas for anyone!

Gift Ideas for the Runner Who Have Everything:

  1. Post-Run Relaxation Basket – with face mask, lotion, snacks, aroma therapy candles, pedicure kit…
  2. Gift Certificate to their favorite restaurant or certificate for you to cook them a fave meal
  3. Funny Running Themed Mugs, Water bottles or Shirts – all fun ideas! But these are often things we won’t buy for ourselves.
Running Gift Basket Ideas…

Dr. Roth Cucumber Gel Face Mask – post run relaxation favorite

Comfy Plush Robe – for post run or rest day relaxing and eatin’

Burt’s Bees Hand Lotion Kit – You have to step away from the computer and phone when you’re putting lotion on your hands!

Their favorite snacks – these don’t have to be fancy, it can be their favorite candy bar, chips, gum, drinks, etc.

Funny Mugs for Runners

– Fun Running Mugs or Reusable Water bottles are great for the runner who has everything. We gotta stay hydrated.

Running Clothes and Gear Gift Ideas:

If the Runner on your Holiday list is already stacked up with all the running gear they need – get them a gift card from a Running Specific Store OR their favorite Running Shoe Retailer to replace their favorite well worn items. Yes – a gift card.

Runners LOVE new running shoes and if you don’t know their favorite shoe and/or size – it’s going to be quite a challenge to figure that out from zooming into their feet on old race photos. Or if you live together – take pics of their running shoes and note the size – then you might be able to match up their favorite to buy at a local retailer or online.

Running Clothes and Gear Ideas:

  1. Sweat Wicking Tops and Bottoms
  2. Running Sunglasses
  3. Hats, Beanies, Visors
  4. Compression Socks or Running Socks
  5. Running Shoes


More Gear Favorites All Runners Love:

Running Sunglasses – the hottest ones right now are by Goodr and available here:

Runner Hats, Visors & Beanies:

Hydration Packs and Vests

Runner Safety Items:

Bonus – these are my current Favorite Workout Leggings – affordable & flattering!

Hope that helps.

I’ll be back soon with the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales for Runners!

Best Gifts for Runners 2020

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